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welcome; to makeupalley! makeupalley is a beauty community specializing in makeup, haircare, and general beauty. It includes a mix of tutorials, product reviews, contests, q&a, tips and tricks, links, videos, etc. Basically, anything is fair game.

makeupalley is members only, but membership is completely open. anyone can join and post. Posting is now allowed for all members, so long as each entry meets rules and requirements. All entries are screened prior to being posted.

BEAUTY&BLUSH was changed to makeupalley! via NAME CHANGE TOKEN on January 4th, 2010.

please check out j0inme for other amazing communities!
01. Posting privileges are for members only. I am going to be fairly open and give most people a chance to have posting privileges if you are willing to abide by the rules, but if you break them a moderator will take away all posting privileges.
02. All posts will have to be approved by a moderator before they are shown in the community.
03. PLEASE SEE THE FORMATTING GUIDE BEFORE POSTING ANY ENTRY. Our main objective is to keep this community organized. please help us by abiding by formatting rules.
04. Community spamming will be limited to one specific spam post.
05. All posts must be members only.
This community is maintained by dirtytexts.
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